Madisen Hill-Picazo

Happy birthday to my handsome HUSBAND!! One week of marriage down, a million more to go. I’m so happy we get to celebrate you today on the most beautiful honeymoon. I love you so much. Even when you take me on a speed boat, off-roading (a near death experience), a mule ride up a mountain, 7 zip lines, 2 water slides (one which required me to wear a full face helmet), repelling down a water fall, and so much more! 😜 If this is what being married to you is like, I’m in for the greatest adventure. Happy birthday @victorurbanpicazo! Let’s go get massages 😍



❤️ 350



Happy Birthday Victor! I hope you have a great day I wish you the very very best of luck & many many more happy years to come so have fun & enjoy your day you truly deserve it & May God richly bless you with lots of love, joy, peace, & happiness in your life!!!😀🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁🍾👍👏🙌

Happy birthday


Happy Birthday to your husband! ❤️💋


Happy birthday! @victorurbanpicazo 😊


We’re gonna kick his butt. You better get home in one piece! -from mom & dad Lol happy Birthday Victor!


Omg !!! This is hilarious !!! You are in for a ride of your life ! Enjoy every minute of it ! Crazy fun !!!!


O and forget about those lazy spa days ! Right ?? Lol


O and forget about those lazy spa days ! Right ?? Lol


Heck yeah!!! Picazo’s do it right 😎


Happy birthday @victorurbanpicazo 🎂



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